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Meet Cogmotion Learning Founder
Wendy Firestone, MEd, EdS, NCSP


I created Cogmotion Learning  to help children develop into productive, independent learners, and become better equipped to manage conflict and solve problems both in and out of the classroom.


After assessing your child's strengths, challenges, and learning styles, I'll create tailored strategies to empower them to access their inner resources, creativity, and tools for improved behavior, self-confidence, and academic performance.


Since I began working as a school psychologist more than 30 years ago, I've supported thousands of students ranging from preschool through college, and understand how to effectively communicate and collaborate with teachers and administrators to create successful strategies for your child.


Throughout these years, I've taught undergraduate and graduate-level coursework, and have lectured and consulted nationally, instructing educators in facilitating and conducting social-emotional groups in schools.

In addition to being a nationally certified and licensed school psychologist, I hold certifications in cognitive-behavioral therapy, ADHD strength-based interventions, crisis intervention, executive function training, and doctoral-level coursework in counseling psychology.


As a mother of three, I understand that we all want to do whatever we can to support our children's needs. My role is to actively listen, gather all the “puzzle pieces” through assessments, interviews and evaluations, and then articulate the most effective ways to move forward in a positive, rewarding, and impactful way.


I look forward to working together.

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