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We Are Not All Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was interviewed in June 2022 and again in May 2023 by Elisse Gabriel, a writer and editor who wrote two articles adopted by the Greater Good Magazine in Berkely, California. I encourage you to explore Greater Good Magazine, as it contains many articles that touch on parenting practices, education, and positive psychology (for adults and children).

In the first article, Elisse advocates for redefining sensitivity as a social superpower, underlining its advantages and offering guidance on how to support and embrace it. Sensitivity in boys, traditionally seen as a feminine trait, is a strength that promotes better relationships, effective leadership, interpersonal skills, and overall well-being when nurtured and understood. Read the article here: "Why Sensitivity is a Strenght in Boys"

In the second article, Elisse discusses the nuances of nurturing creativity in children alongside Brené Brown, the esteemed research professor known for her work on vulnerability, courage, empathy, and shame. I offer my perspective as a seasoned school psychologist with over three decades of experience working with children. Together, we delve deep into strategies and approaches that can significantly enhance a child's creative growth. Read the article here: "Six Ways to Help Kids Grow Their Creativity"

I'm including links to both articles on the CogBlog because the topics of creativity and sensitivity are often discussed when considering neurodivergent populations. There is mixed research about correlations between ADHD and creativity. I encourage you to celebrate your child’s unique attributes, individuality, and personal contributions. We all function along a continuum of strengths and weaknesses. With this in mind, here is my takeaway: identify your strengths, needs, and set goals that will guide you in a meaningful direction. This is where Cogmotion Learning can also help.

My mother used to say that we are (fortunately) not all “chocolate chip cookies.” In other words, we need to appreciate one’s unique attributes and complexities. I hope you enjoy these topics and words of inspiration. (By the way, I am an oatmeal cookie with almonds and dried cherries; how ‘bout you?)


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